MCloudPro game is all about identifying the bearingness

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Maximal Matching

A basic yet significant question of any open marketplace is how to optimally match the various supply offerings with distinct demands. Uber matches drivers and riders based on their distance, while AirBNB and Amazon leave the matching to the end users themselves.

Devising an optimal solution for maximal matching (i.e., finding a matching that yields the maximum value) turns out to be an algorithmical feat. Indeed, the problem has been actively studied by computer scientists, and a conclusion has been drawn that it is NP-hard.

A well-known technique to approach NP-hard problems is to define some heuristics and leverage them to approximate the true answer. MCloudPro records human’s perception of relevance as one heuristic to solve the approximation.

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App Design

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Brain Games

The app comprises a set of games that help sharpen your IQ. You are actually training your brain on pattern recognition while playing the games.

Artistically Design

The user interface is thoughtfully crafted so as to please your eyes. In-Game graphics, while simple and static, are exceptionally artistic.

Engaging UX

As a brain-exercising series of games, the order of difficulties are important to keep users engaging. This factor is well considered in our UX design.

PC Driver

The MetaCloud experience, tailor-made for your Windows or MacOS, linux device.

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The app buffers a certain number of tasks, so it can be used while there is no internet connection. The answers submitted by the users during that time will be temporarily saved on your devices’ hard drive, and sent back to the server once the internet is reconnected.

The app does not track any on-phone activity except for the direct interactions between the user and the app itself.

We do not share any information gathered from the usage of our MCloud app with any third-party. Moreover, all data and information we keep are properly anonymized to eliminate privacy breach.